Sunday, June 24, 2012

A day off…

There are times in my life that I don’t want to think about what I do for a living.  Not that I don’t love it – I do - very passionately in fact.  There is nothing like being able to earn a living helping people, making a difference in their lives and enjoying the hell out of it!  But there are times when I need a break.

For me a break is not getting any calls, not doing anything breastfeeding related (which usually means no bookkeeping or organizing files and such) and not reading my many lactation related e-mail and Facebook lists.  Just taking a break to breathe and relax a bit.

I can focus on my family – like my 15 yr old sleeping at his dads (because I know at 7:30 on a Sunday morning (or any morning of the week right now he IS sleeping), my 17yr old who is actually up at this time every morning chatting away online with his girlfriend – in England (No worries about unexpected grandbabies there!), my 26 yr old who is out on his own, probably sleeping right now but maybe getting up and ready for his daylong church going.  And then there is the wife.  Yes, she too is still sleeping right now.  You see, I tend to sleep in the middle of the bed…sorry honey!  So when I wake up every morning (for no good reason) at 6am, and get up for some super nice quiet time, she gets to sprawl out, which she likes to do.  It's rather cute!
When I have a day I don’t want to be in my business mode, I think about all the things I want or need to do.  Like, vacuum – no that’s the kids’ job.  Ok Laundry – no the wife already did it all.  Ok – dishes…no the kids do those to and what they didn’t do the wife did.  Water the lawn?  No – wife takes care of that too.   Clean the bathrooms?  Damn!  No on that one too – kids clean their own bathroom and the wife took care of ours already too.  Well, it seems that while I was gone most of the week working that job I love so much and having a great time, the family took care of all the things I actually enjoy doing around the house.  (Yes, I know I am weird – I enjoy housecleaning.)  Wait!  What about Dusting?  Makes me sneeze but that one is still left!  Yea!  Ok dusting it is.  That will take me all of 10 minutes.  Sigh…

So what else to think about?  The first thing that pops into my head is of course – business related:  I am finishing up an article, studying up on designing a curriculum for an upcoming webinar and the last time I did a curriculum of any kind was 20+ yrs ago for preschoolers!  I'm just a tad out of practice.  I also need to learn how to DO a webinar!  And for the webinar I need a Power Point presentation - last time I did one of those was 13 yrs ago.  (Good thing my 15 yr old is good at Power Point design!  Help your old lady kid - you need to earn your keep!)  Oh, and don’t forget the continuing education certificates I get to figure out how to do for those who take my webinar.  What a learning curve!  But, wait:  I am trying to think about things unrelated to business.  Next thought?  I need to work on my website – it needs updates.  Bugger!  Ok – try again:  my desk is a mess I could clean it…  Aaarrgghh!  One more time:  Those receipts and invoices need to be entered.  <head-desk!>  Ok – last try:  My coffee cup is only half-full…I need more.  Go get coffee.  

Now that my coffee cup is full maybe I can think straight.  Nope.  I'm gay - don't know how to think straight.  (I know - dumb gay joke...I have many!  Be glad you only got one today!)  There is a Farmer’s Market today…I want to go!  I need to research how to freeze fresh vegetables.  Buy lots of organic veggies and freeze them before they wilt.  And I get to make bread today!  We are down to half a loaf.  I actually LOVE making bread!  Kneading it is therapeutic and it tastes so good when it is done! (ok - and even when it isn't - I have a thing for dough...yummy!)  If I only make two loaves, before they even have cooled, one will be virtually gone in minutes.  The family loves hot fresh bread and devours it!  If I am lucky I’ll get a slice with melted butter on it.   So I usually make a 4-8 loaves – and if we are lucky they will last more than a couple days. What else can I do today?  I know – I have a book I want to read…I can snuggle up on the couch and read…that's nice and relaxing.  Or, I can play a game of Acey Deucey with the wife.  Love that - we play nearly every day! thoughts about work!

So – I have it!  A nice relaxing day…time with the family…no work today.  But I do wonder how my mommies are doing…Maybe I’ll give them a call later and check in…