Sunday, June 10, 2012

I have been wanting to do this for a long time but just haven't managed to for a variety of reasons.  Fact is I love to write - I love to write about stuff that is funny, serious and even controversial.  

In this blog that's what you will get - funny, serious, and even controversial.  So let's start with some funny...

My kids make me laugh - a lot.  My wife makes me laugh - a lot.  In fact there is so much laughter in my family I can't imagine how much happier I could be.  I have a wonderful life - I just do.   Let me share a bit of that life with you...

My kids are random - as in they will walk into the room and say stupid shit (yes I swear) and then walk out leaving Jo and I looking at each other, laughing and shaking our heads, and being so blessed to have this in our lives.  To hear them laugh long and loud while they are messing around on their computers (interrupting our TV time) is a blessing in so many ways.  Hearing them chatting with each other via Skype when they are not together is even better.  They really are nuts...and I love them for that!

My youngest (15) will walk up to me, poke me in the arm then turn around and walk away giggling.  (and then run like hell when I chase after him!)  When he teases Jo he knows damn well he is liable to end up being hung upside down (he is taller than her by 4 inches mind you!) - and yet he teases her anyway.  And he is one of the most empathetic boys I know...he knows when I am happy, or hurting - even if he isn't with me.  And he is always available for hugs...and a random funny face.

My 17 yr old is just...well...weird.  He is a writer, he has this fabulous sense of humor that keeps us giggling, and also has a compassion that would blow your mind.  If I am upset he has no problem giving me hugs, talking with me and making sure I am OK.   He adores Jo - and teases her accordingly.  He is also a fierce protector of equal rights for all, especially the LGBT community.  He has been known to get into very vocal (and loud) debates with those who seek to keep the LGBT community (to which I belong if you hadn't figured that out yet) as second class citizens. I often wonder what he will do with that...

My wife Jo is amazing.  We met 2 yrs ago and it was love at first sight - really - that shit happens!  I was not particularly happy about it at the time because I had zero interest in dating anyone.  But, like I said, she is amazing and well, I love her.   She is my best friend and I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else but her.  She can actually put up with me which makes her even more amazing in my eyes.  I can be a handful - opinionated, stubborn, emotional and a hell of a tease (yes in all ways!).   I routinely make jokes about her age (she is older than me) and she just glares at me (with a smile!).  I tease her about my having more grey hair than she does - because you know I LOVE my grey hair.  (I do!  Really!)  I play little practical jokes on her...walk by her and poke her in the side, tickle her and make stupid faces at her just so she will laugh and smile (because I love her laughter and that!)  And yet - she takes it all in stride.  When I am being moody or cranky she finds some way to make me laugh getting me out of my moodiness.  Really - she rocks!  

Now, here is some seriousness:  I almost died last year.  I'll share the details later, but suffice it to say I am happy to be on the planet.  When we went through our hell I actually had an out of body experience and made a choice to stay here - I suppose it helped that Jo was holding on to me and telling me to get my ass BACK in my body.   But - it was a conscious choice to LIVE.  And so I am here - living and encouraging others to LIVE - to enjoy the moments they have with their loved ones because it can be taken from you so fast and without notice.  My recovery has been a challenge to say the least - but with the support from friends, family and my wife I am doing well now.  So - take a moment, look at your loved ones and tell them you LOVE them.  Make sure they won't regret it, I promise.

We will get into controversial stuffs next time.  I think I have written enough for today.  What can you expect from this blog?  Open your mind and expect anything and everything...and go ahead and comment if you like.  

Life is good really is.  Sometimes the situation sucks, but really...Life is Good.